f you want to learn Spanish verbs, there is nifty piece of software to help you do it. I wish I had had this during the time I was living in Mexico and really working on my verbs but still stumbling over some of the more arcane verb constructions. This program looks really useful for people at all levels of learning Spanish!

The Verbarrator, for Windows and Mac, is the brainchild of Patrick Jackson, an American who lives in Colombia and devotes himself to helping other English-speakers learn to speak Spanish. He has another program, Learning Spanish LIke Crazy, which I have blogged about before and will review later.

Click on that link to go to his website, where you can download a free demo copy and try it for yourself!

HereĀ  is a screenshot I took of the demo version. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of using this program! As you can see, you can choose various kinds of verbs, or specific verbs from the list on the left, and have them in a queue for you to use. I like it that one of the choices on the left is “My custom list.”

On the right, you can choose which verb tenses you want to practice with. I had checked a few right before I took the screeenshot.

In the middle, you have the verb player and I will put a couple of screenshots further down the page.

Very cool, I think. Learning verbs is so crucial to speaking Spanish well, and this device can help you master verbs waaay more easily than textbooks!

So here are some shots of the VERB Player in the middle of the Verbarrator. When I took them, the phrases given were being pronounced:

So it tells you which verb tense you are practicing and you can see which person. It goes through them all. Here is the same verb tense for “you:”


And here is one for another verb tense:

To find out more,

Click Here to go to the Verbarrator website and see what you think!

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