Rosetta Stone Spanish is the market leader when it comes to programs available to help you learn to speak Spanish. It’s been around for a long time and is a large company, with programs for learning many, many languages. Chances are you’ve heard of it.

Fluenz Spanish is a relatively new company. Chances are you haven’t heard of it.

If you are considering a computer program to help you learn Spanish, these two are the best. But how do you choose between the “tried and true” Rosetta Stone Spanish and the “innovative, research-based” Fluenz Spanish?

First, let me say that you can learn a lot of Spanish with either program. The most striking difference between the two approaches is that Fluenz helps you to learn Spanish by using English where Rosetta Stone makes a point of never using any language but Spanish.

Back when Rosetta Stone got started, people had observed that young children learned their native language by simply absorbing it from everything going on around them. So Rosetta Stone created language courses based on this observation. These weren’t computer programs then… this was before we had computers. Now Rosetta Stone has migrated to computers, keeping the same philosophy. They use pictures and Spanish words.

One American friend of mine here in Mexico, where I live, is a huge fan of Rosetta Stone.” I’m a very visual learner,” she explained. “I love all the pictures.” On the other hand, many people who have tried Rosetta Stone have gotten frustrated with this approach.I did myself.

Fluenz Spanish got started quite recently, by a group of Harvard and Cornell graduates who researched what has been learned about how people learn languages.

They discovered that in learning a foreign language, adults and teens use logic and comparison with their native tongue. So Fluenz Spanish explains things in English. Every single Spanish word in the program is translated into English.

There are a number of other differences between the two programs. Fluenz is designed for learning to speak the kind of Spanish you will need if you are a tourist or business person in a Spanish-speaking country. They have sessions created for the purposes of to helping you to:

  • Ask directions
  • Order a meal
  • Make hotel reservations
  • Give instructions to a taxi driver

Rosetta Stone gives you a more general introduction to the language, not focusing so much on Spanish for the traveler. For more about these programs, go to my Rosetta Stone Spanish review, or my Fluenz Spanish review. Whatever you decide, do take action and get going on learning to speak Spanish!

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